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What clients say about us 

(To maintain confidentiality client names are not disclosed)

Workshop (1 day)

"I learned more about myself, my strength, my confidence and self esteem increased immensely."                                           

 Personal development with horses

"Came here today not quite not knowing what to expect. On reflection the horse chose me. I wanted to look at becoming more assertive. It was very powerful, and somehow the horse I thought was bossy was communicating how I felt and understood what I was thinking and feeling. You can identify yourself within the horse, and you come up with yourown set of answers. The horse not always wanting to do what    it didn't want to do, gave me answers a lot of answers. I don't have to become someone I am not, and I am     good enough as I am. I don't have to follow, and I have   choices." 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

"Right from the beginning of the process I felt that my needs were put first. The whole process felt very person centred and professional. . I was made to feel safe, listened and empowered to raise any questions or concerns. Even when I experienced some strong and uncomfortable feelings, I was able to explore and learn from them because I knew this is a safe place to do that and it made me feel less afraid of my feelings and thoughts. HHPDA’s high standard of work and focus on quality rather than quantity is visible in every step. I wish other organisations would follow HHPDA’s steps.


Peer Support Group

"A horse brings a beneficial dynamic to our group, and helps to break the ice. He can provide a focal point & diffuse the

 intensity as we share our struggles & ideas about what we find helpful. He helps bring people out of themselves &

 takes the focus away from awkward self- consciousness.  His presence can help redirect thoughts away from      negative ruminations. It is amazing to see people living with anxiety & depression smile as they enjoy stroking &  grooming him"

Online Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

“I found the whole experience extremely valuable, firstly it was easy to access the video call, I myself am not computer savvy so that was great! The video audio was also very clear.  I was slightly apprehensive at first, but by the end of my first session it felt really good to say out loud my thoughts and feelings.

I felt listened to during every session, and I was in total control throughout each session. During my next couple of sessions it really helped me to express where I would like to be and what actions I may need to think about or do to achieve my goal. By the end of my sessions I felt completely lifted and relieved, which I have not felt for a long time!!


What organisations say about us

Independence trust logo.png

"We have developed a great partnership with HHPDA resulting in positive outcomes for our clients. The partnership has enabled us to bring Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to a wider community and made a significant difference to their wellbeing. This has been made possible due to the level of professionalism, hard work and experience that HHPDA bring."

Emma Royer, District Coordinator, Independence Trust 


"We didn’t know much about how horses help people, though  we were curious. The HHPDA team explained how the process works, and their client intake process. We were impressed with how they get to know each individual and determine whether or not this type of Psychotherapy would not. We found this ethical, and quite unique when for others it is about gaining more business. Working with HHPDA, we know we are getting the best service, and the client experience is a priority. It is  reassuring to know the client wellbeing is at the forefront, putting safeguarding procedures in place to ensure their safety prior, during and after sessions. They provided a high quality

service, and found them to be incredibly professional.”


                    Bernadette Fogarty, Director,

                   Mental Health Solutions in Business 

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