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Gloucestershire, UK

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What our clients say

(due to confidentiality client names are not disclosed)


Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy



Peer Support Group with a horse

"A horse brings a beneficial dynamic to our group, and helps to break the ice.  He can provide a focal point & diffuse the intensity as we share our struggles & ideas about what we find helpful .  He helps bring people out of themselves & takes the focus away from awkward self- consciousness.  His presence can help redirect thoughts away from negative ruminations.  It is amazing to see people living with anxiety & depression smile as they enjoy stroking & grooming him.  

What organisations say about us

"We have developed a great partnership with HHPDA resulting in positive outcomes for our clients. The partnership has enabled us to bring Horse Psychotherapy to a wider community and made a significant difference to their wellbeing.

This has been made possible due to the level of professionalism, hard work and experience that the HHPDA bring."


Emma Royer, District Coordinator, Independence Trust 



“We didn’t know much about how horses help people, though we were curious. The HHPDA team explained how the process works, and their client intake process. We were impressed with how they get to know each individual client needs, and determine whether or not this type of Psychotherapy would be suitable or not. We found this ethical, and quite unique when for others it is about gaining more business. Working with HHPDA, we know we are getting the best service, and the client experience is a priority. It is reassuring to know the client wellbeing is at the forefront, putting safeguarding procedures in place to ensure their safety prior, during and after sessions. They provided a high quality service, and found them to be incredibly professional.”


Bernadette Fogarty, Director, Mental Health Solutions in Business