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We are a not for profit organisation (social enterprise) offering ground based Equine Assisted Activities to people struggling with Depression and Anxiety. We find this suits those clients who have not previously been around horses, and offers the most authentic interaction with horses.

We believe our clients have the best solutions, and we offer the space with the horses to find them.

Empowering clients to find their own solutions

HHPDA team

Zeb Nawaz

Founder of HHPDA and Treatment Team 

Zeb has lived experience of Depression and Anxiety where horses were an integral part in her journey. Her aim through HHPDA is to help others do their same, and help them know that their mental illness does not define them. They are more than their Depression and Anxiety.

She studied horse behaviour and psychology from 2010-2013, at International horseman Monty Roberts farm in California. She is EAGALA Certified as an Equine Specialist, and an EAGALA SW England Network Coordinator

"When I was struggling with my mental health, there were were many Equine Therapy organisations that looked at various Mental Health illnesses but none that looked solely at Depression and Anxiety. I wanted to create an organisation that wasn't there for me when I had struggled, by focusing on these conditions, which are I feel are so misunderstood."

Laure Barker


Board Member 

Laure is a learning and education specialist with a background in marketing and communications. A teacher and learning expert for over 10 years.


Laure is passionate about powerful learning journeys that transform lives. Laure and Zeb share a passion for horses: their power to heal, comfort, challenge and help us through life’s obstacles.


She is in awe of HHPDA’s mission to help others in a unique, active and powerful way through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). “Horses are such sensitive beings and have such healing power. They live in the moment and are a powerful representation of our biggest struggles and opportunities in life. I’m so proud to be part of the HHPDA family on such an honourable mission.”

Shaun Barker

Board member

Shaun served in the Army for 13 years and travelled the world. When the time came to leave he returned to Gloucestershire, to raise a family. 


When he left he wanted an opportunity to help people and make a difference. He met Zeb Nawaz at a socially minded entrepreneurs networking meeting in Cheltenham. He was struck by her drive to succeed and her belief in herself and her cause. They met later and Shaun helped Zeb to formulate a plan to take HHPDA forwards and help more people. 


“I am proud to be a director of HHPDA and I believe that equine therapy is an excellent therapy for Anxiety and Depression and my ambition is to help spread the word and help as many people as possible”. 

Emma Johnsey

Treatment team

Emma is the Mental Health Specialist for HHPDA. She has lived experience of Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. Emma is a registered member of the BACP, a qualified counsellor for over thirteen years. She has worked in a variety of support and managerial roles for various charities and delivered counselling in the NHS.


Alongside this, she has developed a private practice where she delivers online, face to face and talk and walks in nature (ecotherapy). Emma has also studied psychology, philosophy and nursing.  She has specialised in areas such as trauma, addiction, self-harm and sexual violence.

"I have found healing through my own therapeutic journey and along the way and fallen in love with the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, in which horses help individuals. I have a passion to support others on their healing journey."

Patrick Graham
Me Skiathos.JPG

Board member

Retired senior social work manager with lived experience of mental ill health, plus extensive professional experience of the mental health voluntary sector and periods in private entrepreneurship,

Patrick has lived in Gloucestershire for 15 years and previously helped set up and manage three separate charities in the fields of community development and mental health support.


"I was drawn to help HHPDA because of my belief that equine therapy is not only excellent for those suffering from depression or anxiety, but is drastically under utilised in the very county that is home to more horses than any other in the country". 

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